Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Beginnings of this Blog

So I have a blog already, called iamKUHNS. I usually use that blog to post things that are currently on my mind, typically life lessons or things that I am trying to do better. But that is that blog and this is this blog. I am going to be using this blog as a way to reflect on my experience in the Titan Leadership Program. A semester-long leadership program designed to develop the leadership skills of around 15 students at Illinois Wesleyan University.

In this blog, you will expect to see some similar postings as you can see on my other blog as well. I am sure I will come across many aspects of my leadership that need to be improved and a ton of lessons that I feel I should share. Much of this blog, however, will be dedicated to reflecting about the process. I am sure I will blog about the struggles with the program and also some struggles I face as a leader in my everyday life.

If, in any of the posts to follow, you feel that I have something wrong about my theories, viewpoints, or strategies, feel free to comment. I would also love comments about any solutions to problems that I may talk about in future posts.

I intend for this blog to be both a place to post wisdom gained and read wisdom offered by my readers.

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